Monday, December 8, 2008

Crimson-Breasted Barbet

I loved the way he llooked out of his nest hole. :))) Was lucky enough to take this photo.

Lesser Golden-Backed Woodpecker

Very beautiful bird. Love to watch them. :))) Recently saw them foraging on the ground too along with Hoopoes and squirrells.

Common Mynah

A beautiful bird, sings wonderfully, has many different bird calls. I have frequently seen them nodding their their head up and down while singing. :))) This is very nice to watch.

Sparrow Hawk

This is a very beautiful bird. I love to watch them. :)))

Magpie Robin (male)

Another beautiful male bird with a beautiful voice. A shy bird too. :)))

Asian Koel (male)

A beautiful black bird. Very shy. Can be heard singing during rainy season. Has a beautiful voice. Sometimes, when I have to work early in the morning, it is great to hear his voice. Refreshes me and keeps me awake. :)))

Yellow-Billed Babblers

These birds are so beautiful. They were preening each other. I just recently learnt the term "allopreening". :)))

White-breasted Kingfisher

I always love to see them. But they are so shy. :)))

Indian treepie

Whenever I go on these birdwatching and bird photography trips these birds always follow me around but just out of sight. :))) They enjoy this game very much. The only way that I know these birds are nearby is that they periodically call out. So I was thrilled to spot this bird on this trip. This one graciously posed for me. :)))

Lesser golden-backed woodpecker

I spotted this beautful bird a few months back. I think this is a male bird. The female bird was also nearby. They were both looking for food, but stopped their activities to pose for me. :)))