Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small green bee eater

This is the Small green bee eater. Was sitting on the fence surrounding the paddy fields. :)))

Barn Swallow

This is the Barn Swallow. Was sitting on this branch for quite some time before flying away. :)))

Laughing Dove

This is the Laughing dove. This is the first time I am spotting this bird. :)))

Indian Roller

This is the Indian Roller. I was finally able to take a photo of this bird in flight after trying for 2 years. :)))

Bird Photography Weekly #24.

Ashy crowned sparrow lark

This is the Ashy crowned sparrow lark. Allowed me to get quite close and take this photo. :)))

Purple sunbird (male)

This is the male Purple sunbird. :))) Busy drinking nectar.