Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chembarambakkam Lake - Part I

I visited Chembarambakkam Lake, a rainfed lake near Chennai, India, this June, 2009. It is the source of the Adyar river. I went with very low expectation of spotting birds as one year previously when I visited the Osudu lake in Pondicherry, India, during summer I was very disappointed in not seeing even one bird. Later I came to know that because of pollution, the lake was not visited by the birds in summer. But Chembarambakkam came as a pleasant surprise as there were quite a few birds to be seen. :) I spotted this Pheasant-tailed jacana (Wader) near the water lilies.

A few minutes later I saw this breeding pair nearby. I was so excited to see them breeding in this lake. :)))

Later, this White-breasted Kingfisher came an perched on the Lily flower. I love this colourful bird and that day in the morning light the bird looked awesome.

On dry land I spotted these Black drongo pair perched on a thorny bush.

Many Eurasian Coots were swimming against the wind. The wind, the ripple effect on the water and the birds altogether made this a memorable trip.

Later, while having lunch we, my mother, my aunt, and I, spotted this Indian Pond heron flying nearby.

This Open billed stork was searching for food near the vegetation. I also unfotunately spotted the plastic bottle nearby. The state government is planning to clean the lake soon. I hope so, for our feathered friends' sake.

I saw Spot-billed duck near the egret. The other bird I am yet to ID.

Open billed storks, egret, cormorant, all in one island. :)))

Will continue the rest of my trip in Chembarambakkam Lake - Part II

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Deepak Balasubramanian said...

I saw Spot-billed duck near the egret. The other bird I am yet to ID.

Comb Duck